Invigorating health care throughout Zambia
with the delivery of 3 hospitals and 108 Mini Hospitals


New Mini Hospital in Development
108 of these Mini Hospitals will be built across Zambia


These District and Mini Hospitals will all have new staff accommodation

New District Hospitals
New Mini Hospitals
New Beds


Developing localised healthcare for the whole of Zambia with these ultra modern facilities

Healthcare for Everyone

With new facilities being built all around the country, this project will bring better healthcare to everyone.

Access to Improved Health

These new facilities will be the backbone to helping maintain healthy communities and districts to where they are built.  A healthy community is a productive community.

Hospital and Mini Hospital Locations

These facilities will make the most of each site location, working with the land and community to deliver the most responsive designs.


The 3 hospital locations are yet to be announced (please come back for future updates)…


108 ultra-modern Mini Hospitals will be built across Zambia as part of this progamme… The following Mini Hospital locations have been confirmed so far (check back for future updates):

Lusaka Province:

Nakachenje, Chilanga District

Tubalange, Chilanga District

Mondengwa, Chilanga District

Bauleni, Lusaka Province

Misisi, Lusaka Province

Western Province:

Lealui, Mongu District

Nangweshi, Sioma District

Sesheke, Sesheke District

Mwandi, Mwandi District

Luapula Province:

Kasongo, Mansa Distrcit

Kapanda, Mansa District

Chisunka, Mansa District

Chisembe, Kawambwa District

Katungulu, Kawambwa District

Kaishe, Samfya District

Chembe, Chembe District

Kosamu, Mansa District

Lofoyi, Mansa District

Chikonshi, Mansa District

Nachibibi, Mansa District

Chengo, Mansa District

Edgar Chagwa Lungu Kalaba, Mansa District

State-of-the-art Facilities

State of the art innovations in design, layout and construction techniques will enable these new hospitals and mini hospitals to be delivered faster, perform better and operate more cost effectively than traditional models. The facilities will have 21st Century equipment in order to provide the best health care possible.

Healthcare for all Zambians!