Amendment to Programme

By October 23, 2020News

A request to amend the Zambian Hospital Facilities programme from 3 x 200-bed hospitals to 5 x 80-bed facilities has been received from the Ministry of Health Zambia. NMSI is correlating details for discussion and approval by UKEF. This will provide greater coverage of healthcare support to the people of Zambia and is as a result of a review by the Ministry of Health of their ongoing needs due to the Pandemic.

The new 80-bed facilities will be constructed at Chifunabuli, Kashikishi and Munungu within the Luapula Province; Mfuwe in the Eastern Province; and Chifubu within the Copperbelt Province. Recce’s have already been completed by NMSI’s pre-construction team at Munungu and Chifubu.