Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Training (ICMT); November 2020

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The planned Equipment End User Training was held at Nachibibi Mini Hospital and completed between 3 – 5 November 2020, covering the following facilities in the Luapula and Central Provinces:

  • Edgar Changwa Lunga
  • Chengo
  • Mwimbula
  • Katikulula
  • Katondo
  • Makululu

Fumigation and pest control was carried out at the Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Chengo Mini Hospitals on 21/22 November, before the Installation, Commissioning and Acceptance testing of Medical and Non-Medical Equipment commenced on the 24/25 November. This was signed off by the Provincial Biomedical Engineer and IT specialist on 28 November 2020.

The two teams moved to Katondo and Makululu Mini Hospital sites in completion of Installation, Commissioning and Acceptance testing on 30 November 2020.


Upgrading Zambia’s Healthcare System

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NMSI’s project to construct 108 Mini Hospital and five 80-bed District Hospital in partnership with the Zambian Ministry of Health, is beginning to bear fruit and make a real different in the surrounding communities to where these facilities are being constructed.  GE Healthcare, strategic supply partners for the project, caught with up Sister Felistus and Sister Miriam who are based at one of these brand new Mini Hospitals.

Full video on Youtube –

Amendment to Programme

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A request to amend the Zambian Hospital Facilities programme from 3 x 200-bed hospitals to 5 x 80-bed facilities has been received from the Ministry of Health Zambia. NMSI is correlating details for discussion and approval by UKEF. This will provide greater coverage of healthcare support to the people of Zambia and is as a result of a review by the Ministry of Health of their ongoing needs due to the Pandemic.

The new 80-bed facilities will be constructed at Chifunabuli, Kashikishi and Munungu within the Luapula Province; Mfuwe in the Eastern Province; and Chifubu within the Copperbelt Province. Recce’s have already been completed by NMSI’s pre-construction team at Munungu and Chifubu.

Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Training (ICMT)

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The ICMT team completed the assembly, installation and commissioning of all medical and non-medical equipment at Chisembe Mini Hospital site on 26th July. This was signed off by the MOH by Luapula Provincial Biomedical Officer, Mr. Gibson Zulu, on 27th July. IT equipment was signed off by Simon Mhone;  representative of the Luapula Provincial Health Officer.

End User Training was carried out from 8th to 10th August which combined Chisembe and Katungulu Mini Hospital staff who converged at Katungulu. All trainees wore masks and gloves to prevent the spread or infection of COVID-19.

GE equipment application centralised training was held at Mongu District Hospital, as well as Mansa District Hospital at the end of August. The training was done in a combination of a remote theoretical session presented on TEAMS, with in-person practical sessions supported by a specialist from the University Teaching Hospital; Lusaka.

All trainees were presented with certificates at the end of the training.


Bauleni Footbridges Completed

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The two footbridges which NMSI and Suscon jointly worked on for the Bauleni community to provide safe pedestrian traffic whilst trying to help prevent infant mortality when crossing the deep culvert are now fully complete. 

Given the current restrictions on public gatherings in Zambia, a formal opening ceremony has had to be postponed however we aim to complete a formal handover once restrictions have been removed and public assemblies are permitted once again.  It is hoped that these bridges will be a great addition for those who live in this community.

Misisi Mini Hospital Site Handed Over

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On 6th April 2020, the Misisi Mini Hospital site was officially handed over to the MOH and National Health Services (NHS). Amongst the officials were Lusaka’s Provincial Health Director, Nursing Officer and Infrastructure Officer for the  MOH, as well as Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development Engineer, Joseph Chungu.

As all site inspections had been completed, the handover meeting was held with NMSI employees Iain Maclean and Benson Luunzwe in the Lusaka Provincial Health Directors office, where the appropriate social distancing protocol was followed.

New Mini Hospitals Now Serving Their Communities

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The first set of mini hospitals completed on the ‘Built To Care’ Zambia project, in Tubalange, Nakachenje and Mondengwa, are now being utilised to provide their local communities with high quality health services. Nakachenje alone has already served over 700 patients and successfully and safely delivered 8 babies.

Maternal and Child Healthcare (MCH) sessions have also been held at these three Mini Hospitals, with a dedicated day held at each of these facilities for under-five’s where weighing and examination consultations are offered by midwives in order to diagnose any ailments or injuries. This is an outpatient service where pregnant mothers can congregate, share stories and listen to talks on wellbeing and healthy living while undergoing examinations to ensure everything is well.