NMS Infrastructure, lead contractor on this Ministry of Health ‘Built To Care’ programme, understands the overarching aim of socio-economic development and is committed to carrying out its work on this project with this in mind. In addition to conducting an ethical business policy, sourcing materials, expertise and staff locally where possible, respecting local sensitivities and needs through engagement and inclusivity, NMSI is committed to supporting the development of the countries and communities in which they work.


The key focus around all CSR programs undertaken by NMS Infrastructure will be Health, Welfare, Education and Youth Sport.  Underpinning, but not exclusive, is a child focus.


The 4 key fundamentals that are considered when in the decision making process for CSR activities are:


CSR projects should be sustainable and provide a long term benefit.


Any investment needs to demonstrate a real benefit.  Being in Partnership requires benefit to both parties but the end user has the biggest benefit.


Any CSR activity considered is right for the community and leads to a real improvement, whether on Health, Welfare or Education.


Any activity promotes and supports the objectives trying to be achieved in Zambia.


Bauleni Footbridges Completed

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The two footbridges which NMSI and Suscon jointly worked on for the Bauleni community to provide safe pedestrian traffic whilst trying to help prevent infant mortality when crossing the deep culvert are now fully complete. 

Given the current restrictions on public gatherings in Zambia, a formal opening ceremony has had to be postponed however we aim to complete a formal handover once restrictions have been removed and public assemblies are permitted once again.  It is hoped that these bridges will be a great addition for those who live in this community.

Corporate Social Responsibility – Bauleni Footbridges

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Both CSR footbridges across the deep drainage culvert in central Bauleni have now been installed and are actively in use. A formal handover of the footbridges to the Bauleni Community will be conducted later in the month after preparations have been agreed and commemorative plaques prepared and fixed to each structure. In the meantime, the communities are making the most of the new bridges and the children are enjoying the joys of safe crossings!


Corporate Social Responsibility – Bauleni Footbridges

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NMSI are jointly contributing with Suscon to the design, fabrication and installation of two footbridges across a wide, deep and dangerous drainage culvert in Central Bauleni, which has tragically claimed the lives of several toddlers in recent months.

The central Bauleni footbridges site was visited to measure the various levels on either side of the embankments to mark the best location for the foundations of the two bridges. During the first week of construction, the workers dug the foundations and the civil contractor cast a 50mm layer of concrete at the bottom of each foundation. Following this, rebars were placed and concrete was cast ready, so the fabrication of the structural steel pieces could begin. The footbridges were constructed off-site and when completed, were transported by lorry to the Bauleni site where they awaited the installation process.