Invigorating health care throughout Zambia
with the delivery of 5 hospitals and 115 Mini Hospitals

New Hospitals
New Mini Hospitals
New Beds


Developing localised healthcare for the whole of Zambia with these ultra modern facilities

Healthcare for Everyone

With new facilities being built all around the country, this project will bring better healthcare to everyone.

Access to Improved Health

These new facilities will be the backbone to helping maintain healthy communities and districts to where they are built.  A healthy community is a productive community.


The impact this project and these brand new facilties will have on their Zambian communities will be far reaching

New Construction Jobs
New Beds
New Maternity Wards

State-of-the-art Facilities

State of the art innovations in design, layout and construction techniques will enable these new hospitals and mini hospitals to be delivered faster, perform better and operate more cost effectively than traditional models. The facilities will have 21st Century equipment in order to provide the best health care possible.

Healthcare for all Zambians!