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Kanakantapa Community Trained in the Making of Reusable Sanitary Towels

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NMS Infrastructure was proud to donate materials to the Women Entrepreneurs Development Association of Zambia (WEDAZ) in the making of reusable sanitary towels in the Kanakantapa community of Chongwe.

WEDAZ undertakes training for women and youth in local communities, empowering female members in the development of reusable sanitaryware. In Kanakantapa, the organization trained a total of 320 women across four days.

Natasha Mumba, Community Team Leader, reiterated their mission, stating, ‘we shall see to it that every woman is covered with reusable pads and no woman and youth shall lack during menstruation.’

Miya Zulu, a representative from WEDAZ, stated, ‘we shall cherish this with all we have… May the good Lord continue blessing NMS for the donations to helping women of the Kanakantapa community. I am excited as this empowerment is going to go a long way.’

Meanwhile, Grace Mwale, a further WEDAZ representative, emphasized, ‘this programme will not just teach our women and youth on how to make these reusable towels, but it shall also empower them. They will be the first group to produce these towels and to sell to communities, making all the women and youth of this community financially independent.’


Medical Aid Films visit Mini Hospitals

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Medical Aid Films partnered with NMS to screen educational films in the Mini Hospitals constructed as part of NMSI’s Zambian Healthcare Programme.

On 30th March, Mr Steven Zarnfaller, Project Director of Medical Aid Films, visited Kasava Health Centre to provide a short film screening on HIV and contraceptives to youths within the local community.

Also in attendance were representatives from the Ministry of Health and various partners:

  • Mrs Chise: Provincial Health Promotion Officer, MOH Zambia
  • Ms Chileshe: District Health Promotion Officer, MOH Zambia
  • Mr Liche: Provincial Information Officer, MOH Zambia
  • Ms Handema: Kasava Mini Hospital, Lead Nurse
  • Ms Susan Mutale: Kasava Mini Hospital, GP Nurse
  • Mr Kalumba: Project Manager for Plan Zambia
  • Mr Phiri: Programme Manager, SAfaids

President Hakainde Hichilema commends Mambwe District Hospital

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During a two-day working visit to the Eastern Province, Zambia’s President HE Hakainde Hichilema inspected Mambwe District Hospital, accompanied by Health Minister Sylvia Masebo and Home Affairs Minister Jack Mwiimbu. The event was attended by the British High Commissioner, HE Nicholas Woolley; Iain Maclean, NMSI Country General Manager and Nicholas Oliver, Head of Business Development.

The President stated that the high standards of the newly constructed Mambwe District Hospital and state-of-the-art medical equipment would improve health services in the district, describing it as a “gamechanger” in healthcare delivery for the people of Mambwe.

Noting that the project is being completed on time, the Head of State thanked the British Government through High  Commissioner Nicholas Woolley, for partnering with Zambia and supporting the construction of Mambwe District Hospital, the first of five 80-bed District Hospitals to be built as part of the project.

Local Artist Paints Mural at Mambwe District Hospital

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Rabson Ngalanda, a local artist in the Mambwe District, painted a large mural on the Paediatric Ward at Mambwe District Hospital, the first District Hospital to be handed over as part of NMSI’s Healthcare Programme in Zambia.

Starting on 7th December, Rabson’s work finished in January, with a range of colourful paintings depicting scenes of children playing, local wildlife and famous animated characters.

“I am so grateful that I was given this rare opportunity”, said Rabson. “I got the inspiration from different families around the Mfuwe community… All of the pictures in this section of the hospital are famous cartoon characters and some are imaginations of the wild here in South Luangwa. Art is a healing process and a picture on the wall speaks a thousand stories.”

“I grew up in Mambwe District… I feel building this hospital in Mambwe District will contribute positively to citizens of this area and surrounding districts hugely.”

Healthcare Project Represents 1.1% of Zambia’s Solar Generation

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Installed capacity per off grid site: 20,520 Watts (20.52KW)
Number of off-grid MH sites to date: 45
Total installed capacity of solar power on MHs programme: 923,400Watts (923.40KW; 0.92MW)

Zambia’s total installed electricity generation capacity is 2,800MW (USAID, 2022), 85% of which is hydropower, which is vulnerable to reduced rainfall as a result of climate change. As such, the Healthcare Facilities Programme represents a significant 0.04% of the entire generation capacity in Zambia. 91 MW of Zambia’s generation capacity is solar (USAID, 2022), so the project represents 1.1% of the country’s solar generation capacity.


2022 Project Progress

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As the Zambian Healthcare Project reaches conclusion, the theme for the year continues to be ‘Finishing Strong!’

In summary, the Mini Hospital Programme status is as follows:

  • Number of Mini Hospitals completed: 101
  • Sites under construction: 8
  • Sites with equipment installation completed: 97
  • Sites with End User Training conducted: 97
  • Sites handed over to the Ministry of Health: 89 (14 certificates pending)

Phase I Mini Hospitals:

  • All 20 Phase 1 Mini Hospitals are 100% complete and past the 12 months defects liability period

Phase II Mini Hospitals:

  • 89 Mini Hospitals have been handed over to MoH; with an additional six handovers scheduled for December 2022
  • 8 sites are at various stages of construction
  • Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Training has been conducted on a total of 97 sites

Construction of the District Hospitals is progressing well, and currently stands as follows:

  • Mfuwe (Mambwe): 97%
  • Nchelenge (Kashikishi): 55%
  • Mwansabombwe (Kazembe): 43%
  • Kitwe (Chinwemwe): 35%
  • Ndola: 22%

NMSI Donate to Lusaka Youth Rugby Club

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Lusaka Rugby Club Youth Training Programme NMS Infrastructure is proud to have donated two industrial gas stoves and a 45kg gas cylinder to Lusaka Rugby Club’s ‘Sunday Kids Feeding Programme’, that provides up to 100 children from the local community with a cooked meal.

The initiative provides local children with the opportunity to develop their rugby skills, as well as offering talks on issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse. The donated goods will help to assist the Rugby Club in the challenges they were facing in preparing meals and will be less harmful to the environment.

Tawona Kalunga, a representative of the Lusaka Rugby Club, said, ‘I would like to thank God and ask God to continue blessing the sponsors NMSI for this great helping hand. NMSI has sponsored our gas stoves and cylinder, which is a lasting solution to our existing challenge.’

NMSI Sponsor Mfuwe Youth Soccer Tournament

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On 4th September, NMS Infrastructure were proud sponsors of the Mfuwe Youth Soccer Tournament organized by sub-contractor Velos. Hosted at the Yosaffe School in Mfuwe, NMS sponsored the winner’s trophy, man of the match medal, footballs, and all refreshments.

Four football teams from the local community entered; Chitunda FC, Kalindawalo FC, Mimbula FC and Start FC, as well as two teams consisting of site employees from the NMS built Mambwe District Hospital site; Velos FC and Industrial Plumbers Zambia FC.

Chitundu and Mimbulu FC drew a competitive final 1-1, with Mimbulu FC eventually being crowned winners after a penalty shoot-out. The winners received K1,500 and the runners up K800 to put towards the future running of these clubs, with trophies and medals also being awarded to the tournament’s top goal scorer, man of the match and fair play award.

All teams were provided with resuable water cases and drinks. In attendance to oversee the event was:
James Stutter – NMSI Construction Operations Manager
Mubanga Lamb – NMSI Site Engineer
Crovis Mwitwa – Site HSE Officer
Craig Le Roux – Velos Project Manager

The event was a huge success in bringing the local community together, with local teams expressing their gratitude in the opportunity and excitement to have another tournament in the future.

100th of 115 Zambia Mini Hospitals Completed

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The 100th of 115 20-bed Mini Hospitals has been completed, at Mwase Mphangwe chiefdom in Lumezi District, Eastern Province and, following installation and commissioning of equipment and end user training, handed over to the Ministry of Health.

Commenting on the milestone, Matt Jordan, Managing Director said: “This is an outstanding achievement worthy of note. Working with Suscon Construction and our other project partners, NMS is playing its part in strengthening rural healthcare in some of the remotest locations in the World.”

In this remote part of Zambia, roads are impassable during the rainy season and the community consists mainly of low income smallholder subsistence farmers. The chiefdom is located in a wildlife corridor close to the Malawi and Mozambique borders where wildlife such as elephants, buffalo, hyena and other animals travel throughout the year across unfenced conservation areas.

Gordon Mudge PhD, Head of ESG, observed: “These outstanding health facilities are contributing significantly to local public health in a rural area marred by worsening climate change, chronic food insecurity and few markets for farmers to sell their crops.”