NMS Infrastructure, lead contractor on this Ministry of Health ‘Built To Care’ programme, understands the overarching aim of socio-economic development and is committed to carrying out its work on this project with this in mind. In addition to conducting an ethical business policy, sourcing materials, expertise and staff locally where possible, respecting local sensitivities and needs through engagement and inclusivity, NMSI is committed to supporting the development of the countries and communities in which they work.


The key focus around all CSR programs undertaken by NMS Infrastructure will be Health, Welfare, Education and Youth Sport.  Underpinning, but not exclusive, is a child focus.

The 4 key fundamentals that are considered when in the decision making process for CSR activities are:

  • PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY – CSR projects should be sustainable and provide a long term benefit.
  • EFFECTIVE RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Any investment needs to demonstrate a real benefit.  Being in Partnership requires benefit to both parties but the end user has the biggest benefit.
  • BENEFITS THE COMMUNITY – Any CSR activity considered is right for the community and leads to a real improvement, whether on Health, Welfare or Education.
  • SUPPORTS COUNTRY DEVELOPMENT GOALS – Any activity promotes and supports the objectives trying to be achieved in Zambia.