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‘Built To Care’ – Creating Better Health

The Zambian Ministry of Health has gone to contract and are overseeing a complete turnkey project, from concept to completion, for the design, construction and equipping of five 80 bed Hospitals and 115 Mini Hospitals.

The Ministry of Health will work in partnership with the main contractor, NMS Infrastructure and their team of local and international partners, to bring these brand new facilities to the Zambian people.


New Construction Jobs
New Beds
New Maternity Wards

Hospital and Mini Hospital Design Concepts

State of the art innovations in design, layout and construction techniques will enable these new hospitals and mini hospitals to be delivered faster, perform better and operate more cost effectively than traditional models. The facilities will have 21st Century equipment in order to provide the best health care possible.

About Zambia Ministry Of Health

Zambia recognises health as one of the priority sectors that contribute to the well-being of the nation and, therefore, remains committed to providing quality health services to all its citizens. Recognizing that a healthy population is critical to improved production and productivity, Zambia will continue investing in the health sector, in order to ensure sustainability of the nation’s human capital base, required for sustainable economic growth.

About NMS Infrastructure

NMSI provides a full design / build / equip / training service for the development of locally appropriate health-related infrastructure. NMSI brings to bear the expertise of award-winning experts in the field to provide the latest in innovation and design.

A world class team of Zambian and UK partners

A team of companies and people with unrivalled experience and expertise have been assembled to deliver a unique hospital and mini hospital concept.

Ndilila Associates


Suscon Construction Solutions


tp bennett


Civilink Engineering Designers

Civil & Structural Engineering

GE Healthcare

Medical Equipment

D H Engineering

Environmental, Water, Sanitation & Plumbing



Campbell Reith

Engineering Consultants

JDN Associates

Quantity Surveying

Tradesouth Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Milestone Engineering Consultants

Geotenical Investigations

Electronic Survey Automation

Topographical Surveys

Curprite Geoservices

Hydrological Surveys