District Hospitals

3 brand new ultra modern 200 bed District Hospitals will be built on this project

The District Hospitals are here to support the sustainable advancement of healthcare in Zambia


The Hospital buildings are designed to invoke civic pride amongst the population, with a strong visual presence: The main entrances are grand yet welcoming with waiting areas that are bright, airy and high ceilings.  The buildings sit within a green landscape, with large windows giving views of nature, creating a natural landscape for healing.

The new District Hospitals will house the following:

  • Main hospital building
  • In-patients wards
  • Maternity ward
  • Plant rooms
  • Services hub containing kitchens, laundry, workshops, storage and ancillary support facilities
  • Staff residential accommodation
  • Visitors accommodation
  • Mortuary
  • Water tower
  • Main entrance gate
  • As well as associated external works, including: covered pedestrian walkways, vehicular access roads, car parking and landscaping.

Main Clinical Building

On arrival at the hospital, patients and visitors will first reach the main clinical building, where visitors will be directed to:

  • Out-patients department
  • Pharmacy
  • Accident and Emergency
  • In-patient wards
  • Public health

Adult Wards

The wards are located away from the main entrances, giving them privacy and peace.   Each ward building contains a Surgical and a Medical Ward.  The wards are light and airy with maximum use of daylight and natural ventilation.  Single private bedrooms with en-suites, patient showers and toilets, and flexible television rooms are positioned at the ends of the wards.

Male ward bed numbers:

  • Surgical: 22 beds
  • Medical: 22 beds

Female ward bed numbers:

  • Surgical: 22 beds
  • Medical: 22 beds

Maternity Building

The maternity building sits to the side of the site, accessed by a different vehicular route to the main clinical hub building, with a dedicated arrival area with reception and consultation rooms.  Bed numbers:

  • Pre-natal: 21 beds
  • Post-natal: 21 beds
  • Delivery: 6 beds

Paediatric Ward

  • Surgical: 22 beds
  • Medical: 24 beds

Parents’ Hostel

A flexible facility situated next to the paediatric ward, providing 16 beds in a mix of single bed rooms and dormitories, allowing different gender balances and budgets to be accommodated.  There are internal and external communal cooking and dining areas, along with showers and toilets.

Mothers’ Hostel

A place to stay for expecting mothers who are about to go into labour.  It is located opposite the entrance to the maternity building, providing 16 beds in 2 dormitories.  There are internal and external communal cooking and dining areas, along with showers and toilets.

Steel Frame

There will be a mixture of traditional braced steel frames and light steel frames throughout the superstructure of these District Hospital, while all walls will be designed using a lightweight Structural Framing System.

Staff Housing

In order to help with the staffing of these brand new District Hospitals, staff accommodation has been designed into the overall layout of the sites, providing a mixture of:

  • Two bedroom houses
  • Three bedroom houses

The District Hospital Locations


Three ultra-modern 200 bed District Hospitals will be built over the course of this progamme… The following District Hospital locations have been confirmed so far (check back for future updates):

Chifunabuli District Hospital:

Chifunabuli District, Luapula Province

District Hospital No.2 – TBC

District Hospital No.3 – TBC

News Blog

New Mini Hospitals Now Serving Their Communities

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The first set of mini hospitals completed on the ‘Built To Care’ Zambia project, in Tubalange, Nakachenje and Mondengwa, are now being utilised to provide their local communities with high quality health services. Nakachenje alone has already served over 700 patients and successfully and safely delivered 8 babies.

Maternal and Child Healthcare (MCH) sessions have also been held at these three Mini Hospitals, with a dedicated day held at each of these facilities for under-five’s where weighing and examination consultations are offered by midwives in order to diagnose any ailments or injuries. This is an outpatient service where pregnant mothers can congregate, share stories and listen to talks on wellbeing and healthy living while undergoing examinations to ensure everything is well.


Bauleni Mini Hospital Successfully Handed Over

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On 8th October, the Bauleni Mini Hospital site was officially handed over to the MoH and National Health Services (NHS). Amongst the officials were, Engineer Joseph Chunga from the MoIHD and Mukosa Chimbelu from Ndilila Associate Architects.

The event ran smoothly, while NMSI’s Benson Luunzwe and Christopher Haywood were also on hand during the day to answer a multitude of questions from inquisitive visitors.