Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Training – Zambian Mini Hospital Equipment Training

The first of many training sessions for the NMS Mini Hospitals Project Zambia, took place in Lusaka in early July. The ultrasound training was scheduled over three days with specific focus on Midwives and Nurses in order to address the maternal-infant mortality and morbidity rates in Zambia.

The sessions were scheduled with full day theory overview and knowledge, addressing both clinical relevance, content and equipment overview and knowledge. This was then followed by a two-day clinical practice as well as practical sessions on patients from the academic University Teaching Hospital healthcare system.

All participants received a complete study guide and course manual to take home with them along with a certificate of attendance, which was provided on completion of the training programme. The courses ran smoothly with great participation and interaction from the delegates and attendees.

The training sessions mark the beginning of a brighter future for the people of Zambia, as they work alongside the Ministry of Health and other dedicated companies investing in the greater good for the future of healthcare in Zambia.