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As the Zambian Healthcare Project reaches conclusion, the theme for the year continues to be ‘Finishing Strong!’

In summary, the Mini Hospital Programme status is as follows:

  • Number of Mini Hospitals completed: 101
  • Sites under construction: 8
  • Sites with equipment installation completed: 97
  • Sites with End User Training conducted: 97
  • Sites handed over to the Ministry of Health: 89 (14 certificates pending)

Phase I Mini Hospitals:

  • All 20 Phase 1 Mini Hospitals are 100% complete and past the 12 months defects liability period

Phase II Mini Hospitals:

  • 89 Mini Hospitals have been handed over to MoH; with an additional six handovers scheduled for December 2022
  • 8 sites are at various stages of construction
  • Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Training has been conducted on a total of 97 sites

Construction of the District Hospitals is progressing well, and currently stands as follows:

  • Mfuwe (Mambwe): 97%
  • Nchelenge (Kashikishi): 55%
  • Mwansabombwe (Kazembe): 43%
  • Kitwe (Chinwemwe): 35%
  • Ndola: 22%