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Rabson Ngalanda, a local artist in the Mambwe District, painted a large mural on the Paediatric Ward at Mambwe District Hospital, the first District Hospital to be handed over as part of NMSI’s Healthcare Programme in Zambia.

Starting on 7th December, Rabson’s work finished in January, with a range of colourful paintings depicting scenes of children playing, local wildlife and famous animated characters.

“I am so grateful that I was given this rare opportunity”, said Rabson. “I got the inspiration from different families around the Mfuwe community… All of the pictures in this section of the hospital are famous cartoon characters and some are imaginations of the wild here in South Luangwa. Art is a healing process and a picture on the wall speaks a thousand stories.”

“I grew up in Mambwe District… I feel building this hospital in Mambwe District will contribute positively to citizens of this area and surrounding districts hugely.”