Environmental works across the project so far…

To date, a total of 30 potential sites have been visited by NMSI’s environmental teams, covering six Provinces of Zambia: Western; Southern; Lusaka; Central; Eastern; Luapula, involving approximately 14,000 km of driving (roughly the same distance as travelling from London to Perth, in Australia).

Before any construction can begin, topographical, hydrological, geotechnical and environmental surveys had to take place to allow NMSI’s architectural team and partners to produce bespoke site plans for each of these facilities.

NMSI has been working with five leading Zambian specialist engineering and environmental surveying companies to carry out these works, with some 20 Zambian nationals employed during the completion of the surveying works. NMSI’s partners for these are:

  • Electronic Survey Automation Ltd
  • Curprite Geo-Services Ltd
  • BY Drilling and Construction Ltd
  • Milestone Engineering Consultants Ltd
  • DH Engineering Ltd