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NMS Infrastructure was proud to donate materials to the Women Entrepreneurs Development Association of Zambia (WEDAZ) in the making of reusable sanitary towels in the Kanakantapa community of Chongwe.

WEDAZ undertakes training for women and youth in local communities, empowering female members in the development of reusable sanitaryware. In Kanakantapa, the organization trained a total of 320 women across four days.

Natasha Mumba, Community Team Leader, reiterated their mission, stating, ‘we shall see to it that every woman is covered with reusable pads and no woman and youth shall lack during menstruation.’

Miya Zulu, a representative from WEDAZ, stated, ‘we shall cherish this with all we have… May the good Lord continue blessing NMS for the donations to helping women of the Kanakantapa community. I am excited as this empowerment is going to go a long way.’

Meanwhile, Grace Mwale, a further WEDAZ representative, emphasized, ‘this programme will not just teach our women and youth on how to make these reusable towels, but it shall also empower them. They will be the first group to produce these towels and to sell to communities, making all the women and youth of this community financially independent.’